Belt Buddy App Update!

Maximize Your Conveyor Operations
Introducing the Latest Update to Fenner Dunlop’s Belt Buddy App!

Fenner Dunlop EMEA, your trusted leader in industrial conveyor belting solutions, is excited to announce a significant update to our revolutionary mobile tool, the “Belt Buddy” app. First launched in 2020, Belt Buddy quickly established itself as a first-of-its-kind resource, providing instant, on-the-spot technical guidance and calculations for conveyor belt professionals.

Originally designed to enable users to perform a wide array of crucial calculations—such as belt thickness and weight, roll size and belt length from a coiled roll, transition distance, and convex curve layout—the app has now expanded to include powerful new features based on user feedback:

  • Capacity Piece Goods Calculation: Effortlessly calculate the capacity of piece goods such as parcels and packages, enhancing operational insights.
  • Elevator Motor Power: Quickly determine elevator motor requirements, simplifying decision-making processes.
  • Capacity Bucket Elevator & Bucket Volume: Access new tools to calculate capacity and volume for bucket elevators, boosting operational efficiency.


Rob van Oijen, Head of Application Engineering at Fenner Dunlop, emphasizes the continuous need for such innovations, stating, “Conveyors rarely only operate 9 to 5, and many are in constant motion. Belt Buddy is designed to support our customers by providing technical calculations and crucial information at any time, helping them achieve optimal performance and the longest, most reliable working life from their conveyor belts.”

In our industry, it’s well understood that “Price is what you pay, but cost is what you spend.” The true cost of a conveyor belt is significantly dictated by its longevity and reliability. With the Belt Buddy app, you can maximize your conveyor belt’s operational life and efficiency, ensuring you get the best value for your investment over time.

Choosing the right tools and resources is crucial—not just for immediate price benefits but for long-term efficiency and operational lifespan. We encourage all users to download the new version of Belt Buddy to start benefiting from these innovative features immediately.

For more detailed information about the Belt Buddy app or to explore our full range of products, please visit our website at Dive into our extensive library of reference documents, including technical bulletins and splice manuals, available in English, French, German, and Spanish.

Important: To utilize these new features, we urge all users to download the latest version of the app. The updated “Belt Buddy” is available now on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Ensure you’re equipped with the best tools by updating today!

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