The demands placed on conveyor belts can differ enormously from industry to industry. Belt manufacturers, therefore, need to be able to supply a range of belts that can genuinely meet very specific and sometimes very unique requirements. However, there is one essential requirement that exists for all conveyor belts, regardless of industry. That requirement is to provide the longest and therefore most economical operational lifetime possible, regardless of the working environment and regardless of what is being conveyed. At Dunlop, we have always made this requirement the paramount guiding principle of every single belt that we manufacture and supply. This is why, throughout our long history, our engineers have continued to develop a range of belts that are the world benchmark in every respect. Every genuine ‘Made in the Netherlands’ conveyor belt has to be nothing less than a world-beater. Please use the various links shown below to find what your business needs. And if you cannot find what you want or would simply like some genuine expert advice then please feel free to give us a call. We are here to help.

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