Cover Grades


The biggest difference between one conveyor belt and another is the quality of rubber and what that rubber has been specifically engineered to cope with. You can have the thickest, toughest belt carcass imaginable but it is always the protective rubber covers that will determine the durability and operational lifetime of the belt and, as a direct consequence, the cost-effectiveness of that belt. Thanks to our technicians, Dunlop rubber covers are not only the very best; they keep getting better and better.

Abrasion resistance

The wear (abrasion) resistance of the rubber covers is the biggest influence on the working life of a belt. There are two internationally recognised sets of standards for abrasion, ISO 10247 (H, D and L) and DIN 22102.


A major advantage of Dunlop “Made in Holland” rubber belt covers is that they are all fully anti-static (ATEX 2014/34/EU) and conform to EN/ISO 284 international standards.

Cold resistance

Dunlop Coldstar has been specifically engineered to operate in extremely cold conditions as well as providing outstanding resistance to abrasion and other demands.

Fire resistance

Fire safety is such an important issue that there are numerous safety classifications and international standards for which there are many different tests used to measure performance.

Heat resistance

Of all the demands placed on conveyor belts, heat can be the most unforgiving and damaging. High temperatures accelerate the ageing process, causing rubber to harden and crack. Heat also has a seriously harmful effect on the belt carcass itself.

Oil resistance

Oil, fat, and grease have a very detrimental effect on the performance and life expectancy of conveyor belts because it causes the rubber to swell and distort. This inevitably results in serious running problems.

Ozone & UV resistance

All Dunlop “Made in Holland” rubber belt covers are all fully ozone and UV resistant according to EN ISO 1431 in order to avoid premature failure due to cracking and degradation of the belt surface.

Rip & Impact resistance

Where heavy, sharp lump sizes and/or large drop heights are involved, it is essential to have a carcass that is designed to dissipate impact and provide strong resistance against ripping and tearing and rubber covers that protect the carcass against aggressive wear, surface cutting and rip propagation. 

Special demands

Cover grades with unique combination of heat, oil, fire and exceptional abrasion resistance, different solutions designed for a multitude of demands and environments.