Oil resistance

When oil penetrates rubber it causes it to swell and distort. This results in serious tracking and steering problems as well as premature wear and, ultimately, total belt failure. The oils, fats, and greases that have these damaging effects can be divided into two distinct sources – mineral and vegetable/animal. Despite the different characteristics, most conveyor belt manufacturers only produce one oil-resistant rubber cover quality compound. At Dunlop, we have designed and engineered two different specialist compounds to provide the best possible protection against different types of oil as well as many other potentially damaging chemicals.

Dunlop ROM is specifically designed to resist the penetration and damaging effects of vegetable and animal oils, fats and resins. Unlike its rivals, Dunlop ROM also has exceptionally good resistance to abrasive wear with a tested average resistance of 98 mm3. This means that Dunlop ROM belts provide a much longer working lifetime and therefore far greater economy.

Dunlop ROS. For highly aggressive mineral oils, our engineers have also developed the extremely successful Dunlop ROS cover quality. Some vegetable products can have a detrimental effect similar to mineral oil. In these situations, and also those that involve products with particularly high concentrations of vegetable oil, we advise the use of the superior resistance provided by the ROS cover grade quality. Again, the outstanding wear resistance of Dunlop ROS (Dunlop tested average 100mm3) provides unrivaled economy compared to its competitors.

Cold & Oil resistant – Although oil resistant belts usually have a lower resistance to cold, Dunlop ROM and ROS oil resistant belts are designed to operate in temperatures as low as minus -20°C.

Oil & Fire-resistant
BVM K/S Oil resistant (ROM) and fire retardant according to EN 12882 Class 2A (K) and Class 2B (S)
BV VT Oil resistant (ROM) and fire retardant up to EN 12882 Class 5A)
BV GT Oil (ROS), fire and heat resistant

Dunlop ROM and ROS oil-resistant rubber compounds provide good resistance to the damaging effects of many chemicals including acids. Because of the enormous number of different chemicals, it is best to ask for guidance for specific chemicals that may be present in the materials being conveyed.


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"We see a much longer lifetime and fewer repairs and replacements by investing in Dunlop conveyor belts"

Dunlop Superfort 400/3 4+2 ROM user.

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Oil resistance belts