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Original equipment manufacturers, especially those producing mobile equipment, work in a highly competitive market. They face a constant battle trying to hit the right balance between the quality, robustness and reliability of their machines and the need to be price competitive. At the same time, there is the need to find ways in which to differentiate their machines from their rivals. And this is where we like to think we can play a key role.

Throughout our long history, the needs and often very specific demands of industrial OEM’s have always been an important consideration for both our research & development team and our rubber technicians and application engineers. The vast experience and understanding that has been built up over the years through working closely with OEM’s has led to some truly groundbreaking new technology. A perfect example of this is Dunlop Ultra X.

Mobile machinery not only needs to be robust and capable of handling some very tough materials, it also needs to be compact. This limits the size of pulley’s that can be used. As a consequence, the dynamic stress placed on the inner carcass and the splice joint of the conveyor belt by the continual flexing over small diameter pulleys seriously limits the strength and thickness of the belt that can be fitted. This not only limits a machine’s capability to handle the toughest materials it also results in numerous running repairs and premature replacements.

What the Dunlop engineers did was to design new and unique type of super-strength single-ply belt called Ultra X that is flexible enough to cope with small pulley diameters. At the same time the belt also has more than 3 times greater longitudinal rip resistance and up to 5 times better tear resistance and a far superior resistance to impact compared to conventional 3-ply or even 4-ply belting. Amazingly, despite all these enormous advantages, Ultra X is also extremely competitive on price. To find out more about Ultra X please click  here.

The weakest link

The story of Ultra X is just one example of how, by listening, collaborating, developing and testing, we help our customers gain a competitive edge over their rivals. Any piece of mobile equipment is only as strong and reliable as its weakest link. If you are using Dunlop belts and your competitors are not then your machines will have a major advantage both in terms of performance and reliability.

Unique products made to your specifications

At Dunlop we may be famous for top-quality conveyor belts and rubber matting and sheeting but what is not so well known is that we also manufacture custom-made rubber components for original equipment manufacturers and engineering companies for all kinds of industrial and commercial uses. To find out more please click here.

DUNLOP MANCHONS- Inner Rubber Linings

Worldwide Recognized Manufacturers all over the world use Dunlop Manchons! Click  here and learn more about the key advantages of inner rubber linings made in the Netherlands.

Unrivalled technical support and guidance

We have one of the largest, most experienced and highly trained teams of engineers and technical specialists in the conveyor belt industry. With Dunlop you get more than just top quality products because providing the best possible technical support and guidance is an everyday part of the service. Dunlop technical support and services are provided via a rapidly expanding network of wholly-owned operational centers including Italy, Spain, Poland, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Ghana, UK and our head office and manufacturing facilities in the Netherlands.

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Check out some of our most popular OEM Products


Dunloflex is designed for use with all types of bulk material transportation under light to medium-heavy service conditions in raw material, mining, stone, and earth handling and building industries.

Fenner Dunlop UsFlex®

In some applications, especially primary and secondary crushers, even the strongest and heaviest conventional belts can be ripped or torn by large lumps of heavy, sharp objects, either falling from a height or becoming trapped. In extreme cases, belts can be destroyed within a matter of weeks or months.


Trioflex has been designed in line with the modern MPC-trend (minimum ply concept) and can be used very successfully for medium up to the heaviest service conditions, adverse loading conditions and coarse materials.


Fenner Dunlop Multiprof is a multi-purpose profiled belt for inclined conveying that has been developed specifically for transporting packaged goods such as boxes, bags, and baggage as well as bulk materials including agricultural products, oily materials, woodchips and wet sand.

Fenner Dunlop Ultima™️

Fenner Dunlop Ultima premier grade rubber sheeting is specifically designed to provide outstanding durability across a wide range of industrial uses. Unlike almost all other industrial rubber sheeting, it is exclusively manufactured in our production facilities here in the Netherlands.


Perfect for moving walkways Starglide belts are installed all over the world in a wide variety of locations including airports and station terminals, parking facilities, pedestrian areas, hypermarkets, exhibition centers, artificial ski grounds, and casino entrances.

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