Sido, The Lab Star

Sido Wagenaar started working at Dunlop Drachten in 1994. He started at our laboratory in the R&D department. After a couple of years, he moved to the product and process technology department and nowadays he is coordinating that team. He likes the diversity in his work as well as being in contact with many colleagues from different divisions within our company.

His direct colleagues are more than just colleagues, they see each other a lot outside work. They share the same hobby which is spinning and mountain biking in the forests around Drachten. Together with his wife, he enjoys the nature and they love to go camping in summer. Together with their 2 sons, they explore a new country each year, although France is still one of their favorites.

Did you know that Sido plays in a band with his brother? They both sing and Sido is a drummer.

Last but not least, recently Sido was chosen as chairman of our advisory board. He really looks forward to this new challenge. Good luck Sido!

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