Ferroflex 500 / 800mm Wide 5+4mm DHTE


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
Ferroflex 500 / 800mm Wide 5+4mm DHTE
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
12+ months and remains in very good condition
Type and specification of belt previously used
EP 500/3 5+2 High Heat resistant
Average life of competitors belt – months
Belts supplied by competitors were only lasting between 2 weeks to 2 months

This is a critical conveyor on the site as any stoppage caused production to be lost. Competitor’s belts were failing extremely quickly due to the heat. Covers were cracking and belts delaminating.

When a Dunlop Superfort belt with Deltahete covers was installed the covers gave a much-improved performance but the EP carcass was affected by the high temperatures due to the short length of the conveyor. This meant that the belt had insufficient time to cool. At 140 deg C and above the EP carcass was beginning to stretch and warp, which caused the belt to run off and become damaged.

It was decided that the Ferroflex steel carcass, in combination with Deltahete covers, should solve the problem. The Ferroflex belt was installed and has now been running for more than 12 months without any problems and remains in very good condition.

Significant cost savings have been achieved as a result of the reduction in maintenance, repair and replacement and the avoidance of lost production due to stoppages.

Location: UK

Type of material carried: Hot aggregates @ 180°- 250° C

Industry: Quarry