Superfort 500/4 RA 3+2 800/7 Multiprof


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
SU 500/4 RA 3+2 Multiprof 800/7. Width 1000mm
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
The Multiprof belt has now been in operation for over 2 years
Average life of competitors belt
The operational life of belts previously used had not been recorded by this customer. Verbal reports from the operators indicate less than 12 months on average

The primary reason for changing to Dunlop Multiprof was due to problems with conventional belts during the winter. Frozen wooden chips were sliding down the surface of the belt. In spite of severe climate conditions (often as low as minus 40º Celsius in the winter period) the Multiprof belts continue to operate extremely well and still look like new with no signs of rips or surface cracks.

Location: Russia

Type of material carried: Wooden chips

Industry: Wood