STARAMID 1250 7+6 AA


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
STARAMID 1250 7+6 Abrasion resistant cover grade AA 1400mm wide with full moulded edges.
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
C1. 396m installed 2014 – 6 years+ and still fully operational.
C2. 420m installed 2015 – 5 years+ and still fully operational
C3. 400m installed 2015 – 5 years+ and still fully operational.
Average life of competitor’s belt
4 years

In the past, this company had previously been using steelcord belting. They then changed to Aramid belting supplied by other manufacturers. These were then replaced with Dunlop Staramid to provide improved durability, lower maintenance, increased operational lifetime and reduced cost. Operational lifetime has already increased by more than 25%. The belts are not expected to require replacement because of wear for some considerable time.

Location: Italy

Type of material carried: Mineral pellets

Industry: Steel