Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
Dunlop Deltahete 800/4 6+2
Current operating life of Dunlop belt:
Three years
Average life of competitor’s belt:
10 months

The previous heat-resistant belt being run on a critical conveyor in a major cement plant in Colombia had lasted only 10 months. The material being carried is hot clinker loaded at a very high temperature averaging between 150-200ºC (continuous) with temporary peaks of even higher temperatures. During the ten months of its operational life the splice joint had to be rebuilt several times. A 340m X 1372mm wide Dunlop Deltahete 800/4 6+2 belt was then fitted. In contrast to the previous belt supplied by a competitor, the Deltahete belt ran smoothly for more than three years. During that time the splice joint did not require a single repair or replacement.

Location: Colombia

Type of material carried: Cement

Industry: Cement