Superfort 630/3 4+2 Betahete


Type and specification of Dunlop belts supplied
Superfort 630/ 4+2 BHTE
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
2 years and still running
Average life of competitors belt
6 months

The production process of a soda ash factory is very similar to a cement factory. Soda ash is mainly used in the production of glass. The material is carried from the kiln, passes through a cooler and is then dropped into a mill. Various aspects of this process affect the temperature of the material during transportation and the material can be highly abrasive. The operational lifetime of a belt in this kind of application largely depends on its heat resistance qualities in combination with resistance to abrasion. Since its installation, the Betahete belt has proved more than capable of withstanding temperatures up to 150 deg. C and yet still maintaining excellent resistance to wear. These mechanical properties would be extremely challenging for a ‘normal’ grade Y abrasion resistant belt. The customer has experienced vastly improved operational lifetime and reliability and considerably less downtime.

Location: Kenya

Type of material carried: Hot soda ash

Industry: Chemicals & Fertilizers