Superfort 400/3 4 + 2 BV GT


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
Superfort 400/3 4 + 2 BV GT. Width 1000mm
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
12 months and still running without problems
Average life of competitor’s belt
6 months maximum, often as little as one month

After a kiln in which the petroleum coke is calcined, the product (with an average temperature of 100 – 120 deg. C) is sprayed with mineral oil in order to prevent dust formation. If the cooler does not work properly, sometimes the petroleum coke is hotter than 120 deg. C. Under the extreme combined conditions of heat and oil presence, EPDM does not perform because it absorbs oil. Nitrile does not work because the heat resistance is insufficient. The primary belt and the secondary belts conveyors have been equipped with BV-GT belts because they carry the hottest products. The customer has never been able to buy a belt that has lasted more than 6 months, so they are very happy with the performance of Dunlop BV-GT and will be buying more in the future, even though our price is higher than the price of competition belts. A lifetime of one year may not seem very long but in this application, it is a very long time for these conveyors and the belts are still running.

By using Dunlop BV GT, this customer has achieved a 100% + improvement in an operational lifetime and a considerable decrease in lost production time and maintenance/fitting costs.

Location: Kuwait

Type of material carried: Production plant for calcined petroleum coke

Industry: Chemicals & Fertilizers