Ultra X1


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
ULTRA X1 (650 mm wide).
Current average output of Dunlop belt
300 tons per hour
Average output of replaced competitor's belt
160 tons per hour

The installation had been using belts supplied by another major European manufacturer for some years. Under the supervision of a highly experienced foreman, the conveyors were achieving an average flow of circa 160 tons per hour of aggregates. One of the main problems being encountered was the loss of production caused by belt damage and the consequent need for high levels of repair and maintenance. ULTRA X1 belts were installed in February 2020. The average flow increased during the first three months to more than 280 tons per hour, despite being under the supervision of a much less experienced foreman. The plant manager was so impressed with the Ultra X belts that he began mak-ing tests at 350 tons per hour, all of which proved successful. The plant is now consistently achieving an average flow (output) of approximately 300 tons per hour, which is an increase on the previous average output of more than 87%. At the same time, maintenance costs have also reduced dramatically.

Location: France

Type of material carried: Aggregates (Quarry)

Industry: Quarry


Dunlop Ultra X®