Ultra X1


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
Ultra X1
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
4 months +
Average life of competitor’s belt
Four to 5 weeks but often as little as two weeks

The conveyor involved is a very short but critical feeder conveyor carrying highly abrasive ballast. Conventional anti-abrasion 500mm wide endless multi-ply belts (from various sources) usually had to be replaced after only four or five weeks and sometimes within as little as two weeks. Concerned about the lost production time and the high costs of such frequent replacements, a Dunlop Ultra X1 (with AA covers) was fitted. This proved to be highly successful and ran for more than 4 months. Due to an on-site misunderstanding, the Ultra X1 was replaced by a conventional multi-ply belt, which lasted only two weeks before needing to be replaced. The maintenance manager insisted on having another Ultra X1 belt fitted. Yet again, the operational lifetime increased from four weeks (or less) to more than four months.

Location: Estonia

Type of material carried: Highly abrasive ballast materials

Industry: Transshipment


Dunlop Ultra X®