Ultra X3


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
Current operating life of Dunlop belt:
Three months plus. (Still fully operational)
Average output of replaced competitor's belt
Three months. Five months maximum.

The plant management wanted to increase the operational lifetime of their conveyors while at the same time reducing the need for repairs and unaccepta-ble levels of day-to-day maintenance. Dunlop Ultra X3 belts were therefore in-troduced. After three months in operation the management declared them to be a great success. They were very happy by the performance of the belts and highly im-pressed that despite three months of heavy treatment conveying highly abrasive Pozzolanic stone, the Ultra X belts were still in excellent condition (see picture below) compared to how badly cut and worn belts previously supplied by rival manufacturers looked after a similar period of use.

Location: United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

Type of material carried: Pozzolanic stone

Industry: Cement


Dunlop Ultra X®