Ultra X3


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
Single-ply Dunlop X3
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
18 months +
Average life of competitor’s belt – months
10 months

This large sand & gravel quarry operated by Aggregate Industries is adjacent to a 127 hectare (1.27 km2) biological site of special scientific interest. Part of it is also a very popular 60-hectare local nature reserve. In order to increase efficiency and expand production output, the owners agreed on a contract with conveyor specialists MES International. In return for building and maintaining the six field conveyors, MES is paid on a rate per ton basis. In order to maximize reliability, reduce unplanned stoppages for belt and splice repairs and replacements, MES replaced the low-grade imported belt supplied by a previous contractor with 1.8 km of 650mm wide single-ply Dunlop X3 belting.

The benefits of this change, as testified by both the quarry and MES management personnel include much greater reliability and strength of the splice joints. With the previous 500/4 multi-ply belts, the splice joints would usually last only 3 to 4 months having to be re-made. By comparison, the finger splice joints made when the first Ultra X3 belt was installed more than 18 months previously have never required attention of any kind. Engineers also found that belt tracking was much easier and more responsive. The belt was able to pull greater loads with only a single rather than double drive drum, without slipping, even in wet, cold conditions. Noise emissions were also dramatically reduced, which is a very important factor because of the adjacent nature reserve. Most importantly of all, the hourly output, which was previously circa 170 tons, normally less in the winter, has increased to over 200 tons per hour all year round. The site is now delivering over 50% more than the contracted volume.

Location: United Kingdom

Type of material carried: SAND AND GRAVEL

Industry: Quarry


Dunlop Ultra X®