UsFlex 630/1 6+3 RS


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
UsFlex 630/1 6+3 RS (from stock)
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
2 year +
Average life of competitors belt – months
1-3 months average due to damage

The multi-ply belts previously being used were regularly being ripped along the skirting area. The ore type being carried is very sharp quartz type rock that was becoming jammed along the bottom of the shute and ripping the belt. The superior rip resistance of UsFlex, combined with the high abrasion and cut resistant RS covers, eliminated the problem. The UsFlex belt has already been in operation for more than 8 times longer than the previous average lifetime of conventional belts and is expected to continue until worn out.

Location: Africa

Type of material carried: Quartz rock

Industry: Mining