UsFlex 1000/2 RS with Chevron profile


Type and specification of Dunlop belts supplied
UsFlex 1000/2 1400 mm wide, 8+3 RS with Chevron profile HC1200/32
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
More than 1000 hours
Average life of previous belts
Less than 500 hours

The digging machine belts are heavily loaded as 30- 40 cm sized pieces of iron ore is extracted plus much larger pieces on a regular basis. The sharp edges of the iron ore were cutting and gouging the surface of the conventional EP chevron belts that were previously being used resulting in an extremely short lifespan and lost production due to fitting of replacements. The introduction of the unique UsFlex Chevron has produced a dramatic improvement in operating life of more than 100%.

Location: Germany

Type of material carried: Iron ore

Industry: Mining