UsFlex 1000/2 8+3 RS


Type and specification of Dunlop belts supplied
UsFlex 1000/2 8 + 3 RS 1200mm
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
3 years +
Average life of competitors belt
Approx. 1 year for EP and 18 months for DLP

The customer had tried several belts over the years including EP 630/4 6+2 and DLP 630 6+3. Belts were being prematurely destroyed due to tears and rips. Following our advice, they changed to UsFlex. The customer is extremely satisfied with the UsFlex belt because of its far superior tear and rip resistance compared to all other belts they had previously installed. As with the previous belt, it works very well using mechanical fasteners.

Location: Sweden

Type of material carried: branches,roots and wooden pallets containing nails

Industry: Wood