UsFlex 630/1 6+3 RS


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
UsFlex 630/1 6+3 RS
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
29 Months and counting. No repairs required during this period.
Average life of competitor’s belt
12 Months. This belt had several clipped repairs during this time.

This quarry has some of the hardest and most abrasive rock in the country. The machine arrived following a 12-month trial period in another quarry and was then put to work at this site. The belt had been suffering from impact damage. The damage from trapped material during this time and the situation worsened as soon as the machine was put to work in the hard stone quarry. The machine was fitted with an UsFlex 630/1 belt, which was replaced after 29 months solely because of wear in the cover. This represented a 125% improvement in operational life compared to the previous belt type. During that time, the belt did not require any clipping or maintenance work.

Location: Ireland

Type of material carried: Dolerite 100mm. Extremely hard, sharp & abrasive

Industry: Quarry