Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
Superfort 400/3 4+2 ROM
Current operating life of Dunlop belt:
12 months plus

A large fertilizer production plant in Italy had been running low-price rubber belts for many years. Most of the belts were imported from Asia. They were experiencing regular problems and frequent stoppages in order to carry out repairs. On average, the belts needed to be replaced after only two months of running because they were becoming badly distorted due to oil absorption. Despite the fact that Dunlop belts were some 50 to 60% higher in price, the Dunlop Service representative convinced the maintenance manager to try a Dunlop Superfort 400/3 4+2 ROM oil-resistant belt.

After 12 months running, the plant maintenance management team were happy to accept that although the buying price was higher, the cost per year was much lower. The site was no longer experiencing problems with distortion and repeated stoppages for repairs and replacement so production output had also increased.  So far, the Dunlop Superfort belts last more than six times longer than the previous belts. “Although the price is high compared to Asian belts the costs per year are very low. I have asked that we have a stock of Dunlop belts on site. In an emergency, I do not want to risk having to install an Asian belt ever again!”

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Location: Italy

Type of material carried: Fertilizer

Industry: Chemicals & Fertilizers