Trioflex 630 6+2 RS abrasion resistant


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
Trioflex 800 8+3 1200 RS
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
12 to 18 months +
Type and specification of belt previously used
800/4 6+3 X grade
Average life of competitors belt – months
Approximately 2 to 3 months on average

The previous average belt lifetime of the competitor’s belt was usually 2 to 3 months, which meant that the belt was being replaced 4 times or more each year. We introduced Trioflex on this problem conveyor and the operator saw an outstanding performance from the very beginning. According to the customer’s assessment, they saved 96k euros on belt replacements, production stops, repairs and maintenance during the first 12 months.

Location: Spain

Type of material carried: Bauxite 60mm granules

Industry: Steel