Trioflex 800 8+3 RS


Type and specification of Dunlop belt supplied
Trioflex TR 800 8+3 RS. (Width 1200mm)
Current operating life of Dunlop belt
12 months. Additional life of at least another 12 months expected.
Average life of competitor’s belt
Maximum operational life was 6 months but most belts lasted for much shorter periods.

This customer had been experiencing problems on this critical conveyor feeding the primary crusher because the very hard and sharp rocks being carried were gouging and ripping the belts, They had tried belts with tensile strengths as high as 1000/4 and also steel cord but the belts were being destroyed within a very short period (maximum six months). The Dunlop Trioflex belt using RS covers has already lasted twice as long as previous belts. It has operated without any need for repair and has yet to show signs of wear.

Location: Poland

Type of material carried: Hard, sharp rocks

Industry: Quarry