Double the lifetime experienced in a glass plant

A glass plant in France operates two virtually identical primary conveyors to carry broken glass and culet. On one of the conveyor’s a Dunlop Trioflex 500 6+2 RS had been running successfully for more than seven years. Although it was likely to be able to last at least another two years, it was recently replaced by another Trioflex 500 6+2 RS as part of the company’s routine preventative maintenance policy.

On the other conveyor, an EP 500/3 6+2 abrasion resistant belt supplied by a competitor had been fitted two years ago. However, because of its general poor condition and advanced state of wear, the plant maintenance manager has decided to replace the competitor’s belt during the next planned maintenance stop. Not surprisingly, the belt will be replaced with a Trioflex 500 6+2 RS. As the maintenance manager was happy to explain, the Dunlop Trioflex belts are giving them more than twice the working lifetime so it was a very easy decision for them to make.



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